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There will be a Scrim Remembrance For {HK}Recon, former Buxom
( . Y . )Cyd Charrisse on the HK server tonight July 9th 2021 at 8:30pm eastern time. He passed away Yesterday July 6th 2021 evening while in the hospital from a massive Heart Attack.
For those who want to to attend.

Hope this new year finds all of you BB’s well and safe.

Loved these signatures Joe Cob did for me, had no idea I still had these.

Looking forward to the most recent Battlefield installment, BF5. When I have time I still sneak in a game playing BF3, BF4 and the WW1 BF1. Every once in a while you will get an organized team and that makes it so much freakin fun. God, I miss our organization and teamwork behind it.. great memories. Hope y’all are well.. peace. Pola

Originally started in 2001 with the beta version(s) of DoD, ( . Y . )Buxom Bombshells and it’s recruiting clan [BBReg] has seen nearly 200 different members wearing one of the clan tags over the years.  With the introduction of DoD:S, many members were split on which version to play or host on it’s servers.  The need for faster machines or higher end graphics cards at the time, (and lets face it, game burnout), combined caused many members to stop playing or move to other games.  That, and real life situations such as graduating school, starting college, getting married or starting careers also contributed.

There are still members playing, and you occasionally see a ( . Y . ) tag in the wild on both DoD Classic and DoD:S servers.  Say Hi.

Who remembers these…



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Started in 2001, Buxom Bombshells is one of the original Day of Defeat gaming clans with members from three continents. This is a place for past members, current members, and future members to stay in touch.

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